Established in 2008 it has long been our passion to help young people find their own sense of equilibrium.

Innovate prides itself on being a responsive community of dedicated professional and semi-professional people, who engage with young people and children across Dorset, Bournemouth & Poole who every day cope with learning disabilities, mental health and social skills inadequacies that have led to isolation and depression.

Progressive Mentoring is about moving forward.

Taking one supported step at a time and being their own kind of awesome!

Progressive Mentoring


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a desire to inspire!

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working together, sharing information and ideas is at the core of innovate's practice.

Sessional Reports

knowing what's going on when it comes to your service user is paramount, which is why with Innovate send you sessional reports weekly so you can as up to date as possible with sessions and events.

Low cost, High impact activities

Our sessions are designed with the young person in mind so that most session activities can easily be emulated by the client their own time should they wish.


Imagine for a moment that you are a child or young person and your world has just come crashing down!

unable to sort out the problem alone, unable to turn to those you love for help and unable to reach out for help,  you lash out with your emotions, and the next thing you know you become labelled and your life begins rolling downhill. Every day it gathers more depression, more pain, more disappointment as life becomes a challenge, and you become more about surviving than living!

Lots of our children and young people living in our villages, town, cities,

counties are coping with some very adult problems.

Alone we cannot solve all of the issues of their world.

Only by working together we can change the life of one child or young person for a better world.

And this is where we come in!

Innovate Dorset is a Team of Progressive Youth Mentors whose goal is to help all children and young people reach their goals and targets by engaging in bespoke programs of support. We strive to help those who are considered "Hard to Reach" or who have "Learning Difficulties" or "Disengaged" by working to re-engage young people with education, training, other Professional Services, Peer group or Socially acceptable behaviour through positive activities, exercises and skill-building programs.

By empowering children and young people to build strong professional relationships with our positive adult role models, we believe that young people and children have a better chance to become more efficient learners of life, improve social skills, encourage enhancing behaviours and problem-solving.

Kevin Tatchell

Innovate Dorset Company Director



In 2017

Innovate was awarded the Approved Provider Standard (APS)

The APS is the national quality standard designed specifically for all types of mentoring and befriending projects.

The Approved Provider Standard comprises of 10 requirements across four key areas, supporting safe and effective practice in mentoring and befriending.

The standard is recognised as the Quality Mark


Our goal is to supply your service, school or organisation with the most useful instrument and Allie you could ever have.

In these times looking for a way to save money when employing costly professionals and semi-professional staff to fill much-needed service gaps, such as counsellors, mentors and youth workers can be very expensive!

You become responsible for sick days, holiday, and other time away from work which will cut deeply into your budget.

With Innovate you only pay for the time we are working on sessions or meetings for your referred service user.

With no employment and tax worries (IR35) contract tying you down, Innovate saves you money.

We work hard to maintain our reputation as a quality high impact service, making a real difference in the lives of children and young people in our programs, in turn adding value to your service.





Q. Can you please tell me what and how long a progressive session is?

"Innovate sessions are two hours in length. Our Mentor will arrive at the destination of your choice created at the time of referral using our online form. The Mentor will then engage in a positive activity and return the client to a destination at the end of the two-hour session

Session expenses are included in the overall cost of the session*Mileage costs are included in the overall cost of the session**


Q. "How many sessions can I order per week?"

Innovate aim to deliver bespoke packages around what you require for your service user. Each session is two hours in length. You can order as many or as few as you like per week, but a maxium we would recogmend is three sessions a day, five days a week, with a minimum being One session a week.


Q. "Will anyone work evenings or weekends?"

Innovate mentors will consider evening/night and weekend work, there is an extra cost involoved, and depends whether a worker is willing to be matched for unsocialable hours work.

a desire to inspire

Launched in February 2008

Innovate is celebrating 10 years.

In that time we have gone from strength to strength; reaching out to help young people and children regain confidence, a sense of self and move on to become confident members of their families, peer groups and society.

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