Progressive mentoring


Introducing a positive adult role model into a young life can have a substantial impact, increasing confidence, building self-esteem, practising social and life skills.
Promoting the importance for a more secure future in an ever-changing world, by tackling the issues that have held one back or knocked one-off course.
Education is vital, but to re-engage in education, training or employment is sometimes never straight forward as we would like.

Progressive Mentoring is a term we coined to describe in the best way we could the work that we do.
Progressive mentoring is about moving forward each time a positive role model engages.
It’s about helping to take that stumble and step that eventually produces a run.
Could Innovate mentoring be the new bespoke solution to a problem you have been looking for?
Our mentors work to promote a common-sense approach to any problem, entwined with our specialist skills in engagement; we aim to encourage respect and improve behaviour.
Through informal learning opportunities, our interim service will work to achieve targeted outcomes that you need.

Our learning mentors and tutoring


There are times when everyone needs some extra help!
Throw in a learning difficulty or a spectrum disorder, and the most simple of situations can run the risk of becoming a traumatic event. Whatever the reason for losing confidence or interest in education, Innovate Dorset Learning mentors are here to help.

Patient and supportive, the mentors and tutors follow the same practice as our Progressive Mentors, building a solid professional working friendship, based on mutual trust and respect.
Our interim service is well known and respected for offering a supportive package to either reintegrate the participant back into fulltime education, find employment or go on into further education.

Every day I wake up happier and happier with my current life standing, in a state of content.

While it may not be the most glamorous and best lifestyle, it's the best one I've ever had.

Day by day my confidence grows.


Holistic support


Sometimes it can all seem too overwhelming when a situation is ignored, or there is just too much information. Despite best efforts, things spiralled out of control for your child in education, or maybe they just didn't fit in the first place! Perhaps you feel like you have been kept out of the loop entirely!
Innovate Dorset has long recognised the importance of the family unit operating effectively. Better communication and understanding is needed to help take back control of a situation. Our holistic support works in conjunction with your child's mentor and tutor, helping to give the people who need support a chance to gain insight into the situation.

Once the home life has become more balanced and stable, the child or young person will have better chance to progress and engage with their education.

Our +16 project XLR8

For some young people, the fear of groups and the buzzing of crowds is a very daunting prospect, but, whatever the reason for not wanting to enter future education, training and employment, regardless of ability or needs, we recognise that the journey has not been an easy one.
This is where XLR8 from Innovate could help.
XLR8 are small groups of +16 learners who wish to advance to college or better their grades after leaving full-time education or better their chances of finding work.

Each group, which we call pods, has only four members, all with similar personalities and abilities.
Each pod is delivered 6 hours per week of English and Maths, with an additional chance of IT and reading skills by one of our fully qualified teachers. Each pod will also spend 14 hours per week with one or more of Innovate Progressive mentors engaging in group volunteering projects, S.T.E.M. projects, group activities and work experience placements, or placement at one of our partner projects producing music and art.

Many children and young people who are mentored by a positive role model have found to become less disruptive and more able to re-engage with education, with young people themselves highlighting the value of friendship, trust, guidance and encouragement of the Mentor.



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