Innovate mentoring

Introducing a positive adult role model into a young life can substantially impact, increasing confidence, building self-esteem, and practising social and life skills.
Promoting the importance for a more secure future in an ever-changing world, by tackling the issues that have held one back or knocked one-off course.

Education is vital, but training or employment is sometimes never straight forward as we would like to re-engage in education.

Progressive mentoring is about moving forward each time a positive role model engages.

It’s about helping to take that stumble and step that eventually produces a run.
Could Innovate mentoring be the new bespoke solution to a problem you have been looking for?

Our mentors work to promote a common-sense approach to any problem, entwined with our specialist skills in engagement; we aim to encourage respect and improve behaviour.
Through informal learning opportunities, our interim service will work to achieve the targeted outcomes that you need.