THERE are times when everyone needs some extra help!

Whatever the reason for losing confidence or interest in education, Innovate Dorset Learning Mentors are here to help. Whether it's a traumatic event or complex block, our Tutors are patient, supportive and follow the same practice as our Progressive Mentors when engaging with a child or young person for education and building a solid professional working friendship based on mutual trust and respect.

Our part-time tutoring service is well known and respected for offering a supportive package to reintegrate the student into full-time education or find pathways to employment or further education.

Delivering a range of subjects to students in a more relaxed, less crowded approach, our learning mentors and students can build professional relationships built on respect and trust. Many of the activities and skills our learning mentors deliver are designed for the students to replicate and practice away from the session, should they want to. To do this, mentors use the EDIP principles—a useful teaching method to teach skills to students.

  • Explanation
  • Demonstration
  • Imitate
  • Practice

Our part-time interim service is happy to provide you with mentoring, tutoring or a mix of both, between two and fifteen hours maximum per week, delivered at home, offsite or at our HUB based in Wimborne.

Contact our friendly staff today for a quote: office@innovatedorset.co.uk - 01202 885511