INTRODUCING A Positive adult role model into a child's or young person's life can have a substantial impact

Increasing confidence, building self-esteem, developing social, practical skills for life and promoting the importance of a more secure future, in an ever-changing world through re-engagement with education, training or employment! Never as straightforward as we would like! Our Mentors work to tackle the issues that have held the young person back or knocked them off course. Through informal learning opportunities, and a common-sense approach to any problem, entwined with our specialist skills in engagement. We aim to encourage respect and improve behaviour, with our interim service working hard to achieve the targeted outcomes that you need.

Our mentors engage with the student and introduce them to activities they may not have had access to before or may like to practice further. By engaging in this way, Mentors can build professional relationships built on respect and trust. Many of the activities (craft, arts or sports) and skills (social, practical skills) Mentors deliver, are designed for the students to replicate away from the session. To do this, mentors use the EDIP principles—a useful teaching method to teach skills to students.

  • Explanation
  • Demonstration
  • Imitate
  • Practice

Our part-time interim service is happy to provide you with mentoring, tutoring or a mix of both, between two and fifteen hours maximum per week, delivered at the home or offsite.

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