I believe in you

I believe in you


Despite how you might feel about yourself at this moment in time, you are amazing, it’s true!
The fact is this isn’t a lie or a simple hook to make you subscribe to an online webinar or course; it’s just a simple fact that by design, you are truly fantastic.

It really doesn’t matter, what you believe.
What religion you follow if any. What colour your skin is, how heavy or what shape you are.
What eye or hair colour you have.
Which end of societies scale you believe yourself to be.
Whether you have money and many material possessions or whether you have nothing.
You are beautiful, and you are uniquely you, you are perfect.
Every day, you wake up, and you stand up, no matter how much you think life is beating you down — pushing you, forcing you, hurting you.
You get up.
You are amazing!
You have a strength that goes beyond all known boundaries, so don’t sell yourself short.
And that strength returns’ to you every day because you are amazing.

You could say “Whatever!” but take a moment and think for a second, scientifically there is no such thing as stupidity. Just reading this work with your heart pumping blood, lungs breathing in and out, you are instantly achieving a series of complex tasks, effortlessly multitasking like a Boss!

Even on its worst day, your mind is working faster and better than any computer built by man!
You are so amazing that your skin when you injure yourself is repairing. Boom! Done....Sorted!

Life is something that nobody understands or has full control over. So don't listen to those who say you will fail, because you’re doing it anyway, and you’re doing fantastic! And what do they really know?

Okay, so life is kicking you when you feel down, we all get days like this. Still, the obstacles you face can be overcome by solely focusing and realising how awesome you are.

Take that strength that you have inside you and use it to tackle hurdles in your way.
Break them down into small pieces and tackle them head-on, one step at a time. You can do it.
You don’t need to take on the whole world today; today you need to change one tiny part of it; if you want to!
By simply being here (being you) you are making a positive difference to somebodies life somewhere; nobody is ever truly alone!

The human race is many things, but if you love or have ever shown love, then you are loved, even when you can’t see it or feel it, it is there, so never give up.

Moving forward day by day is the key, and you are brilliant enough to make this happen.
Go on, do something amazing, feel the strength within you and fill up your life.
Know today, you changed a life or changed your life.
You made a difference; you make a difference; you are the difference.
Become your own kind of awesome.
You are an incredible person.

And I believe in you.