Engagement is everything...

With well over twenty thousand successful engagements, Innovate believe in finding the right person who can engage build a professional relationship for every participant under our guidance. We don't always get it right the first time, but we pride ourselves on being responsive when we know something isn't working and sometimes a small change can make a world of difference for some of our mentees.

Recognition for what

we do...

In 2017 Innovate Dorset was awarded the APS 'Approved Provider Standard.' The Approved Provider Standard is a national quality mark designed specifically for mentoring and befriending projects. Achieving the standard demonstrates that Innovate met the standard's ten requirements and was independently assessed by experts as a fantastic mentoring and befriending service.

Everything starts with a conversation.

Regardless of a situation or factors that make a conversation challenging to have! Our mentors start at the beginning, and nobody knows and understands their child better than Parents.

So often a rich source of knowledge overlooked when trying to create a holistic package.

Innovate will take the time where possible to meet with parents and listen. These conversations are not about blame or taking sides, but about what is best for the child or young person. These conversations are often a valued source of information, helping parents feel connected with what is happening around their child.

Many children and young people who are mentored by a positive role model have become less disruptive and more able to re-engage with education, with young people themselves highlighting the value of friendship, trust, guidance and encouragement of the Mentor.