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Introducing a Mentor into the life of a Young Person or Child can make a substantial impact on the life of the Mentee, increasing confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills.

There are times when young people need some extra help; maybe they have a learning difficulty that makes education too traumatic for them or perhaps homelife, peers or their environment has become too chaotic to cope.

Whatever the reason they have for losing confidence or interest in education; Innovate can help with a Learning Mentor.

We believe it's vital to help young people regain their momentum and enjoyment of learning, not only so they can quickly re-join their classmates, but recognising the importance of establishing a more secure and fulfilled future by engaging in or completing of education, training or employment.

Our Learning Mentors are patient, supportive and follow the same practice as our Progressive Mentors, building a solid professional working friendship, based on mutual trust and respect. Supporting the Mentee, to either reintegrate back into fulltime education or go on to find employment or further education and become a useful member of and contributor to their communities.

Our Learning Mentors deliver programs on:

Entry Level 1-2 and 3. in English and Math Certificates.

Also Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates (C eqivilant GCSE)

Sessions include:

2-hour Learning Mentoring session.

Evaluation of service by the client, parents & carers.

All mileage costs up to ten miles during the session. After 10 miles extra distance for the session or activity is charged at 50 pence per mile and added to your invoice.

One session report that will be sent to the referring agency on a weekly basis to keep the necessary people to informed on any developments or critical information that may arise.

A review of the case every 6 to 12 weeks depending on the package.


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Launched in February 2008

Innovate is celebrating 10 years.

In that time we have gone from strength to strength; reaching out to help young people and children regain confidence, a sense of self and move on to become confident members of their families, peer groups and society.

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