For Parents

Hello Mum & Dad.


nobody knows a child better than a parent, that is why Innovate likes to start there.


Your child's assigned Innovate worker is primarily there for your child to help with their development mentally, physically and spiritually,

but that doesn't mean that we don't want to speak and share thoughts and ideas with you, which is why we invite you to our review meetings.


Progressive Mentoring is a term we coined to describe in the best way we could the work that our mentors do with children and young people.

Progressive mentoring is about moving forward each time we engage with a child or young person. It’s about helping someone take that first stumble, then step, that turns into a walk and produces and run.


With over six thousand plus successfully engaged sessions by 2016, our style of Progressive Mentoring is still going strong and getting better all the time because it works!


Innovate Progressive Mentors promote a common sense approach to any problem; we aim to promote respect and improve behaviour by problem-solving alongside the young person, our sessions involve informal learning opportunities that help young people grow and develop aspirations for achieving targeted outcomes.


Many children and young people who are mentored by a positive role model have found to become less disruptive and more able to re-engage with education, with young people themselves highlighting the value of friendship, trust, guidance and encouragement of the Mentor.


Our sessions are designed with the young person in mind so that most session activities can easily be replicated and emulated by the young people in their own time should they wish with minimal adult supervision or assistance.


Introducing an Innovate Mentor can help with increasing confidence, self-esteem, social and life skills, helping them to recognise the importance of establishing a secure future by engaging in or the completion of education, training or employment.





Q.      How long are the sessions?


Sessions are generally two hours in length. the innovate Office will be in touch with the time and day of the session/sessions with your son or daughter.


Q.      What can I do to help with these sessions?


the only thing we ask of you is to help us by making sure your son or daughter is up and ready on time for their session. Although Innovate Mentors plan their sessions around your son or daughter, we understand and accept that life can be quite chaotic when outside of school and routine, therefore we try to stay as flexible.

Please inform us either by phone or by speaking directly to the mentor, if anything happens at home that may alter the way your son or daughter engages in their planned session.


Q.      Where will my child be collected from?


Generally, if your son or daughter is not attending education, work or training. Your son/daughter will be collected from home and returned to an agreed place after the session.

Please note that unless we hear directly from you, no other drop off will be granted other than those on the referral form when initially organised.

Complaints and feedback

At Innovate Dorset your comments are important to us,

in fact, everything you think is important to us, which is why we want to know everything, to help us become even better.

Feedback about our sessions or practice is also essential to us.

Your opinion of our service is important, and we care about the positive things you have to say.

Nothing makes our day more than hearing how much you or your students, young people, children, parents and professionals are enjoying the sessions.

Should you wish to make a complaint to Innovate Dorset about anything that you feel is relevant to our service, the Mentor. Or maybe something that is happening or has happened on a session that is of concern to you.

Please write to us in the form of an email and put the word “Complaint” in the subject title or use our online form.

Remember to include in your email as much detail as you possibly can; including things like the date and times, where the problem happened, what happened and who was involved and any other sources of information as necessary.

Once your message has been received, you will receive a receipt of your complaint.

Your message will then be passed to the Director of the company who investigate all complaints received.

You will then receive a formal letter with the action and/or decision of the Company Director.

Should you wish to take further action at this point, you may continue to do so.


Below is a copy of a text message that was sent to me by a young man who has asked to remain nameless  12/04/2016 thanking me for the work that has been done with him through the opportunity funded by Bournemouth SEN and we think sums up everything beautifully.

“I was going to wait for the survey to say thank you but it's complicated, so I'll just text you. Thank you for assisting me for the past couple of years. I remember you told me you've even caught up with some of your "clients" or whatever you call them over a pint at a bar. I remember thinking that you'd only be around for a couple of months, but before I know it I'm turning 18 in July! I cant express and portray myself in a way that does what you've done for me justice. While to some including yourself, it may seem that all you did was talk to me and drink coffee, but you built my confidence and helped me develop myself in my most important years. You enabled me to stand on my own two feet and continue growing from there. Every day I wake up happier and happier with my current life standing, in a state of content. While it may not be the most glamorous and best lifestyle, it's the best one I've ever had. Day by day my confidence grows. Thank you, Kevin. Your actions have affected me for the rest of my life, whether you like it or not. I owe you. This message would be longer but I hate texting, and my hands are hurting. Thank you.

I am even able to stand up in front of lots of people and perfectly voice myself. In fact, I did it so well I blew my college away, and I was even offered student governor. I couldn't see myself in this position (finishing a college course and predicted English grade of a high A and maths as a B+. I feel like I'm ready for the world to chuck anything at me and ill be able to deal with it. Stay positive.

I owe it all to you, and it scares me to think who I would've become or where I would be now if you were not there.”

Complaints and feedback


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